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Spotlighting Siemens as an Agent of Change for Digital Transformation

Siemens wanted  to position itself as an accelerator of change with its new digital business platform, the Siemens Xcelerator. For Hannover Messe 2023, we developed a concept together with the client to bring this message to the relevant target groups. Instead of just talking about topics and content and the associated change, we gave visitors the feeling that they were already part of that change.

Hannover Messe is the largest industrial trade fair, where thousands of industry players showcase their solutions. So, we already had an ambitious objective: How do we make visitors acknowledge Siemens’ leading role in an economic and societal transformation amidst an environment of 4,000 exhibitors? 

Together with the client, we decided to go for an unusual approach: we developed a personalised, seamless event user journey before and throughout the event, to finally lead visitors step by step towards the Siemens booth.

Prior to the event, we provided users with tailored information via e-mails and targeted campaigns that directed them to an event landing page. At the fair, we then delighted them with a personalised experience on site: Potential customers and visitors walked into an immersive room with a giant LED wall where they experienced Siemens’ vision for a sustainable industry by becoming part of the story themselves.  

Vast screens showed heavy railroad tracks, huge wind turbines, and people working in the fields. Through epic imagery, we told the story of our daunting present and the potential consequences arising if we don’t take action. But there’s still hope for change – with Siemens Xcelerator, the accelerator of change for a digital industry creating sustainable value for the society. At the end of the screening, we showcased each visitors’ names on the screen, challenging each one with the question:


"What is your next step to accelerate change? "

After this, we guided visitors further on their personal journey through Siemens’ booth: They had the chance to talk about current technology topics they had previously read about in the targeted pre-show campaigns and through the immersive experience. Finally, they were able to get an overview during pre-booked guided tours of the booth and to discuss their specific interests with Siemens experts.

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Birgit Sedlmayer-Gansinger

Business Development