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Sebastian Günther • Timo Mayer • Christian Kemptner

Head of Product Client Technology (Scalable Capital), Director of Software Development (Virtual Identity), Partner Manager DACH (Contentful)

VI Event

MACH architecture in finance: boosting business with APIs and services

9:30 am
1.5 hour
Why best-of-breed technology ecosystems are a competitive advantage in finance

The Event

By looking at two case studies, you will learn how to gain control and flexibility within your digital strategy: FWU updated their old system with an agile one – Scalable Capital went with a more efficient Content Management System (CMS) to save time and money. MACH helps banking companies achieving digital business success.

The event calls for all decision-makers, team leads, and digitalisation responsibles in the IT departments of banks, financial service providers, and insurance companies. It is hosted by Contentful, one of the biggest headless CMS providers, and Virtual Identity, a digital solution expert with years of experience with the implementation of MACH: a flexible system providing experiences tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

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