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Watch now: How Content AI Takes your Content and You to the Next Level

In today’s latest AI hype, we keep using terminologies that don’t accurately describe what we can expect from machines. After the huge success of their talk at TNW Amsterdam, Timo Mayer and Thomas Peham will give you clarity on fundamental questions regarding the debate – along with practical advice to level up your content using Content AI. 

Thomas Peham and Timo Mayer held a similiar talk at TNW 2023 in Amsterdam

In this webinar, for which we collaborated with our partner Storyblok once again, the hosts will dive into the future of working with AI: Why they believe it’s reaching its peak now, the legal challenges that come with it, and how intelligently using the technology really does take your content to the next level. During their nowfamous live experiment Human vs. Machine, they’ll challenge the machine to create a fake landing page in under 10 minutes. 

So, if you’re dying to know who won this epic battle – and if you’re interested in learning more about the topic in general: it’s probably best to watch the webinar now.

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