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VI Press Release

Movember: Generali and Virtual Identity Launch Social Media Awareness Campaign about Men’s Health

“We need to talk”: this phrase is often used to start rather unpleasant conversations. However, life can become much more unpleasant if the right words are not spoken and acted upon. This is why Generali Austria has launched the social media awareness campaign Burschen, red’ ma drüber together with Virtual Identity just in time for Men’s Health Awareness Month.  

Men often forget to take care of the most important thing: their own health. According to the Austrian Health Insurance Fund, men go to the doctor less often than women and are sick more often, last year, only around 13 % of Austrian men over the age of 15 had a preventive medical check-up.  

Generali Austria draws attention to this with their new campaign during Men’s Health Awareness Month Movember. The centrepiece is a series of five mini video podcasts produced by VI at the famous Lake Hallstatt, in which two Generali employees share their personal experiences with the subject of cancer and thus break down prejudices whilst promoting prevention.

We are proud to have been supporting Generali Austria for 12 years to be constantly developing the brand in social media and now to have launched the first video podcast on such an important topic.
Amir Tavakolian Managing Director, VI

As a special highlight, Generali holds a competition until the 30th of November where a hundred participants have the chance to win a free Generali health coaching session, which is usually only covered by private insurances. Experienced experts give personalised coaching sessions to help winners achieve their health goals and improve their well-being.  

Following from insurance for children and prevention for women, men’s health is the final focus of the year in Generali Austria’s social media content strategy. The strategy aims to address key social issues in authentic content series within the specially developed #GeneraliFragen format. It provides answers from Generali employees regarding the gender insurance gap to men’s health and cancer prevention not only at Lake Hallstatt but also in VI’s own studio.

We firmly believe that men's health is an important topic that is far too often neglected. With our social media campaign, we want to encourage men to inform themselves comprehensively about health issues and take the initiative for a healthier life.
Heidi Petschnig Head of Digital Marketing, Generali

“We care about you.” Generali literally puts its brand slogan into practice.

Let's talk.

Michael Schmidt

Mobility Industry Lead / Creative Director